Monday 19th September 2011

Lago de Atitlan and Antigua

After an excellent weekend spent birding around Lake Atitlan, concentrating on the gardens of the beautifully situated Hotel Atitlan, and the more forested grounds of its neighbour, the Hotel San Buenaventura, I am back in Antigua, but am about to leave on a mission to try to find some of the the localities visited by my great grandfather in the western part of the country. I will start in Quetzaltenango, and from there head out to find as many of his haunts as possible. Should be a grand adventure! The original plan was to climb some of the volcanoes, including the highest, Tajumulco, but as the rainy season is still in progress, conditions and visibility are still poor, this may have to wait until a later date.

View from Hotel San Buenaventura

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